The Food Dictators

I ran across this very informative film called The World According To Monsanto  It’s about the history of the chemical called RoundUp and its creator. This film is a Big Ole’ Slap In The Face to Wake Up!  You may not believe the information given in this film but just watch it with an open mind then reflect upon it later. Do your research to come to your own conclusion.  Personally, I am a believer of, What If?  I think this film should be seen around the world to educate and alert others about the health dangers of GMOs and the Monsanto agenda.

I share this type of information because personally, I am searching for the truth and the truth is, as you may know, we’ve been lied to for years. Its mind-blowing how much Monsanto has achieved. But I’m not surprised that our evil corrupt leaders, past and present, Don’t Give A Damn and allowed this to happen.  Initially, they may had been in it for the money but its obvious, to me, that their bottom line is no longer about money, it’s about CONTROL.  The top 1%, the Billionaires, have invested huge amounts of money in mega-corporations and are positioning themselves to control. They are the same people who are causing world devastation of our natural food chain and who are making people sick and slowly killing the world population with their genetically modified and genetically engineered foods, POISON! I know it sounds crazy but watch this film. It’s frightening to think that not only are seeds of the earth under attack but so are people around the world. It is scary to think that it could be very possible that plant species, human origin and a race could one day become extinct through scientific manipulation. If my eyes weren’t open wide enough before watching this film, now, they are at the brim of popping out of my head. 

We need to Wake Up! and take the information from this film seriously.  If you believe this information or not, if this is true, it may be too late to change it.  But we as people must start paying attention to any and all schemes they may have up their sleeves and stop this train wreck in its tracks. Pay attention to their words, their lies and dissect them for the truth. WAKE UP!  Our lives and our freedom to choose depends on it.  Think about it!  Please share.



6 thoughts on “The Food Dictators

    1. AfrovivalistAfrovivalist Post author

      Thank you Natalie!

      It seems to become a pattern among the states. This is something that we can stop at the city and state level. There is no reason why we can not plant edible foods. Once again, its about control.

      Thanks for sharing.


  1. Kea lawson

    Hello I would like more information about your earthship community, possibly purchase a home there. When are you planning to build. I would to start ASAP. I have been on a simplicity search and I found your website by fate. So please connect.

    1. AfrovivalistAfrovivalist Post author

      Greetings Kea!

      Currently, I am still in the planning stages at the moment. I will be posting the Earthship build workshops in the next couple of months. The build will start this summer. I don’t have specific dates yet. Sorry! Please send me your questions to and I will be glad to answer them. Thank you so very much for your support and interest.


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