Emergency Preparedness

I’ve read that the #1 reason people prepare is because they believe we will have another economic collapse. Well, they are probably right. We are living in a HUGE debt bubble that will pop at any moment. Check out the US Debt Clock.  Seeing those numbers put debt in a whole new perspective. WOW!!!

Take a look at who is spending the money.  Also, look around you, have you noticed the homeless camps popping up everywhere?  Poverty is out of control.   I don’t know about you but the vibe has changed in this country.  It doesn’t feel good to me. Things feel different. I’m just sayin!

We don’t know what is in store for us. Maybe another economic collapse.  My point is, we must be prepared because any one of us could end up in a homeless camp, tomorrow.  So, I think, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to prepare for the possibility of an event of some kind.  We all prepare differently because of our circumstances and beliefs but we all start with the basics.  So, start with a gallon of water. 

The following tabs are about being prepared and how to prepare blogs and videos.  A little bit of something to get you started.


To Prepare = Peace of Mind

Find Your Peace

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