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I grew up in Southern Oregon on 26 acres in the early 70’s where we established our homestead.  As I remember it, the land had a one-room shack on it for the 4 of us and our dog.  We were the African-American family that visited and stayed.  I was the first African-American student to attend the three community schools (Elementary, Jr. High and High School).  For that reason and because I was a girl, my U.S. Marine father, taught me how to fight and how to use knives to protect myself. 

As a family, we fenced in the property, prepared the land for gardening and raised horses, cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, quail, and pheasant. We kept busy on the homestead.  There was always something to do.  I remember it being a lot of work even though my dad did the most of it.  He made it happen. We were self-sufficient. I don’t recall visiting a grocery store very often. Looking back, my parents did a good job managing the homestead.


I proudly admit that I am a tomboy because I was my father’s son. As you will see, I am a Huntress with archery and firearm skills. My dad taught me skills like how to hunt, maintain my vehicle, a lot of boy stuff. Things that I thought, then, were “Stupid”.  I will always be grateful to him.  His knowledge and his teachings to love the outdoor is priceless.  Man, do I miss him! 

Currently, my goal is to transition from the city to a 20 acre property located in an off-grid community.  We are planning to build a non-traditional home called an Earthship.  An Earthship is a sustainable home, made of both natural and recycled materials.  The home is also a greenhouse that will provide herbs, tropical fruits, and vegetables all year round. We will also build an aquaponic system (indoor pond) to provide us with fresh fish.  For information on Earthships, go to the Off-Grid page and look for the Retirement Home-Earthship Tab.


Although, living off the land is not anything new, our ancestors did it for many, many years and they managed just fine.  But let’s face it, we live in the 21st Century where everything is digital, electronic and requires electricity.  If we ever experience a grid down situation like a EMP, people will go bat ass crazy.  We would be forced to learn how to live without modern technologies and electricity.  You can call me paranoid, but I’m preparing for tomorrow. Because tomorrow, you just don’t know when Mother Nature or some Jerk! may turn my (our) world upside down. So, I’m preparing.  I want to be somewhat prepared for whatever it is that may affect my life.  A Solar Flare is a natural disaster and a man-made war caused by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) are one in the same.  They each will cause the same effect but the difference is that one is a energy bursts from the sun and the other is an intense pulse of radiation, generated by a nuclear explosion above the atmosphere.  If a EMP happen today, it will throw us back to the early 1900’s.  We will no longer have the luxury of electricity for a long, long time. I’ve read that it could take up to 2 years to get the lights back on. Our digital communication devices like cell phones and computers will not work because the digital components will be fried.  Even cars and trucks will stop in there tracks unless you have an old school vehicle that is pre-1978.  It could happen at any moment by the sun or by man.  Americans need to open their eyes to the possibility of experiencing a catastrophic natural or man-made disaster on U.S. soil. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans, especially minorities, do not prepare and rely on the government to take care of them during a time in need.  I would like to change that type of thinking and encourage self preparedness.   

I have friends and family who don’t believe that we will experience a  war on U.S. soil in their lifetime. When I talk about preparing, they give me a look of annoyance. Sadly, I have lost friends because of my beliefs and what I do.  Yes, my reasons to prepare may be off the wall to you but it’s my life to live and I want to live life to its fullest during good and bad times.

I’ve had people say to me, “If Shit Hits The Fan, I’m just going to come to your house.” My comment to them was, “If you will not prepare for yourself or your family, what makes you think that I should prepare for you?” So, let me make it crystal clear to everyone. Do not come to my house.  You will be surprised to find that we have nothing for you. PERIOD! We know that some will show up anyway if SHTF and we will handle them accordingly. We have nothing for you.  So, don’t knock on our door.

I share this information with hope that it will open eyes as to what is going on in this world.  People need to wake up and see what is coming.  This website is created to share information, spread the importance of preparedness and share knowledge on off-grid, urban and wilderness survival.  If you see things as I do but don’t know where to start, please contact me or view the websites for more information.  When you have the time, please visit my new “Sista site” Off Grid & Urban Preparedness.  Please subscribe to stay up to date.  Thank you for taking the time to visit.

To Prepare = Peace of Mind ~ Find Your Peace!



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