As I watch the BBC, Al Jazeera or any news channel for the real and true information regarding the United States. I also keep up with what is going on in Venezuela. Our media does not cover what is going on there.  I believe, we are headed in that same direction. The plight of Venezuela started with an economic collapse and it caused a domino effect on the lives of the civilians who are now suffering.  Unfortunately, they are not able to pay down their debt and creditors are demanding payment.  We, the U.S. is trillions of dollars in debt. Can we pay it back? The U.S. debt bubble is going to POP eventually and we may be forced to live in the current lifestyle of Venezuelans and suffer the consequences of a greedy government.

We could be next. ARE YOU PREPARED?

I found this site recently, here are numbers from the World Debt Clock: National Debt Clocks. Unfortunately Venezuela is not listed.  I hope this video gives you clarity and some thought as to were we could be in the near future and the importance of preparing. 

~ Afrovivalist

To Prepare = Peace of Mind

Find Your Peace!

5 thoughts on “THE DOWNFALL OF VENEZUELA ~ The U.S. Is Next

  1. Jetblast86

    I keep warning people and posting info on my Facebook page but NO ONE is asking any questions. Now I know how Moses felt being ignored all those years. Lord help us

    1. AfrovivalistAfrovivalist Post author

      Keep spreading the real new, eventually people will listen. The media won’t tell us the truth about whats going on in Venezuela so someone has to, Right? Thank you for your comment and your support.

  2. shirley brooke

    just like greece they will take our money away just like Venezuela this too will come at some point! Prepare because u can only depend on your self!

    1. AfrovivalistAfrovivalist Post author

      Yes, we may soon meet the same tragic situation. If people don’t prepare for the future downfall of the U.S. they will find themselves without the necessary items needed to survive. What I am learning is we should invest in precious metals like gold and silver. I hope that others start paying attention to what is going on and practice self-preparedness.

      Thank you so very much for reaching out. Please stay in touch!


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