Road Trip 2017

For the last 3 years, I’ve had the opportunity to travel with fantastic like-minded people to the high desert of New Mexico.  A very unique and special place to learn how to upcycle man-made discarded materials and incorporate it into a beautiful self-sustainable home, The Earthship.  

This year my journey started on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.  I was on my way to meeting up with 19 awesome group of people from the Pacific Northwest who accepted our Facebook invitation to visit Earthships in the Greater World Earthship Community and learn about the Earthship Biotecture Academy.  Some people drove from Tacoma/Seattle area and some flew from Portland, all headed to the same destination.

It was 5 am and myself and a new Earthshiper, the term Charles gave himself, shared a taxi to PDX International Airport to meet Jennifer and Patrick. Months before our departure, Jennifer and I introduced ourselves over email and agreed to travel together and share in the expenses of the Airbnb and car rental once in New Mexico. We had never met in person. So, that morning we sent pictures of ourselves to each other so we could be identified at the departure gate. 

Once we landed in Albuquerque, we picked up the rental, a Chevy Suburban and headed to our Airbnb an hour drive away in Santa Fe called the Luna Encantada. If you ever find yourselves going to Santa Fe, reserve this cozy Airbnb and enjoy your stay. It was close to stores, restaurants and hiking trail.  It’s a nice place to stay.

The next morning, Thursday, we checked out of the Airbnb to complete our journey. It was a 2 hour drive with a mixture of rain, snow and sunshine. We had a lot of fun as we took our time stopping at different venues along the way. One stop we made was at a Casino.  

As we were walking up to the Casino doors, me and Jennifer hearing music overhead started dancing in front of the mirrored entry doors happy to give a couple of bucks to the establishment. What we didn’t know was there were people who could see us on the other side. As the door opened, people were laughing at us as we walked in. It was a funny moment, a bit embarrassing and lots of giggling.  So we decided to try our luck at the Roulette table but to our surprise all of the machines were digital. There were no human dealers in the place. It was crazy! The machines were talking to us, “Place your bets please.”  That freaked us out and took all of the fun out of gambling so we left the building to dance in the parking lot and continued our drive.  We made it to Taos and did some shopping at Cids Grocery store. It was the closest store to the community and we still had about a half hour drive to go. On the way, we crossed the Rio Grand.

The Rio Grand canyon is 12,000 feet above sea level and the river is about 1900 miles long. We were told that the bridge we were standing on was 680 feet above the river. It was very windy and cold. My travel companions walked to the middle of the bridge to take some pictures. But, I could not due to Vertigo so I sat in the car.  

We finally made it safely to our destination. Everyone who had arrived on Thursday were all checked in.  We reserved the Phoenix, WaybeeLemuria and we rented the Picuris pictured below.

That evening, we all meet at Taos Mesa Brewing for some brews and music.

Friday afternoon was the big day for me because I had paid for a private consultation with Mr. Michael Reynolds, founder/owner of Earthship Biotecture.

GARBAGE WARRIOR, Michael Reynolds, 2007. ©The Works International

 During the consult, I mentioned to Mr. Reynolds that I have a vision to build Earthships like he has done there.  I proceeded to tell him about the parcels where I would like to establish the first Earthship Community in the Pacific Northwest.  During that conversation, Mr. Reynolds put forward and offered a plan for me to host a Earthship Biotecture Academy build on the property in July/August 2018.  I almost fell off my seat and graciously accepted his offer to be a Hostess.  

This was a wonderful blessing, because what I had planned to be my 10 year plan to build has turned into a 1 year plan, WOW!  Now, I am rearranging my priorities and focusing on the build and make this work.   I’m crossing my fingers that everything goes as planned. 


To Prepare = Peace of Mind ~ Find Your Peace

4 thoughts on “Road Trip 2017

  1. Najah bennis

    I’M so terrified of what the future may bring. Being African American, people tend to think your nuts just mentioning preping. For some reason we tend to believe the government has a master plan in place to save the working class majority. I think we all have something to contribute to the future of mankind. And I would like my family to survive. Very interested in literature or more info.

    1. AfrovivalistAfrovivalist Post author

      Hey there Najah!

      You know, I think everyone should be worried or at least be concerned about where this country is headed. We are no longer “We The People” to our government. “We Are Puppets” to a group of selfish, rich, entitled punks that will destroy this country for their agendas. I worry too. It’s like they are a bunch of Hyenas fighting over meat, but they are fighting for Power, Money and Control over the people. Dang! Did I just go on a rant? LOL! Just speaking my truth.

      Try to redirect your feelings on the issue. Don’t let fear take over you. Have fun while you prepare. Learn new skills. This is the time to let your mind explore because those skills may come in handy one day. Eliminate the fear and let knowledge guide you. You got this! You and your family will survive anything if you work together on the mission. Be prepared. Stay prepared.

      When you have the time, browse my website. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please email me. Take Care!

      To Prepare = Peace of Mind ~ Find Your Peace


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