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Last month, I found a great find on Craigslist. I purchased a treadle-powered (Non-Electric) “Domestic” Sewing Machine. This is a Preppers dream, well, at least my must have sewing machine.  I am so excited! It came with original parts, needles and the original instruction manual. The only date that I could find was on the back inside cover of the manual, 1885. What! Shut the front door!  I can’t even imagine it being so old, but I guess it could be 132 years old. If so, it’s in GREAT shape. I want to shout out to Jeff for delivering the machine to me, and, to his wife, Thank you! I will forever take care of your beautiful family heirloom. It has found a good home. Thank you for a beautiful gift of time.

I have named her “Betsy” because of the Betsy Ross Electric Sewing Machine instruction sheet I found in one of the drawers. I’m going to enjoy this machine. Thanks again.

While I was researching for information on the sewing machine, I came across this Blog from Off The Grid News website called The Advantages Of Non-Electric Sewing Machines.  Its a good read.



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3 thoughts on “Off-Grid Sewing

  1. Yo

    Wow! What a find! It will be great to see what you grow or raise to acquire fiber to create something.

    Any kind of update info on the Academy in 2018? Really interested.

    1. AfrovivalistAfrovivalist Post author

      Yes, I will need fibers but I have not thought it out that far. LOL! I wanted to get the machine first. But I do plan on taking classes to learn how to make yarn and thread, you know that kind of stuff. No, there is no information that I can publicize about the Academy at this time. There is a lot to do. I will post information when I’m closer to the build date.

      How is your preparedness going?

      ~ Afrovivalist

  2. Jacki

    Excellent. I once sewed a 24′ teepee from scratch in my back yard. Then I went to the forest just below Yosemite and cut the poles and dried them. Quite a project, but so look rewarding.

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