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  • When I started preparing, I decided to follow the role of the Mormon community.  Although I am not a member of the church, this community has been preparing for a catastrophic disruption in their lives for many years.  They are required to be self-sufficient. That’s why I purchased the LDS Preparedness Manual. In my opinion, they are the experts in being prepared.


This manual gives an overview on how and what to prepare in case of catastrophic events. If you are interested or want to start preparing, I recommend this manual. Here is a link to purchase or download a free copy of the LDS Preparedness Manual.  


Here are a few tips and suggestions that I think will help you on your journey to becoming self-sufficient.

  • Determine what it is that you are preparing for in your area.

  • Start a to-do list with everything you want to learn.

  • Create a list of everything you may need to survive or can’t live without.

  • Stop watching or listening to the mass media channels that are owned by mega corporations. I feel, they only give their version of the news and deflect our attention from the real news.  Find the channels that tell the true stories.

  • Start eliminating what you do not need.

  • Pay off debt and live within your means.

  • Locate a place in your home to create a pantry.

  • Go camping more often to learn how to live and prepare food in a primitive or alternative way.

  • Seek out stores that have discounted food and purchase dry goods (beans, rice, pastas).

  • Stick to your budget.

  • Find local food pantries.

  • Learn new skills.

  • Join food co-ops.

  • Start a garden.

  • Get a permit to raise farm animals (ie: chickens, rabbits, goat).

  • Learn how to preserve food (ie. dehydrate, smoke, canning).

  • Find your peace and spiritual connection.

This is a short list to begin your prep, but you will find that it will grow as you create your urban homestead. Go at your own pace and have fun doing it.



To Prepare = Peace of Mind

Find Your Peace

4 thoughts on “Get Prepared

  1. Tim Stearns

    Sharon, what a refreshing blessing your blog is. I hope to use it to interest my son and his wife, who live in D.C. area as to the importance of being prepared for the unimaginable. Was especially tickled to hear of your upbringing in S. Oregon. I am from S. Oregon, now at retirements doorstep live in Portland but hope to retire away from the urban chaos to rural property we have in Pac N.W

    1. AfrovivalistAfrovivalist Post author

      Awesome! How did you hear about me? I always like to know where people find my information. Yes, please educate as many people as you can because we truly don’t know what those selfish, entitled, spoiled brats and going to do to gain their power. They don’t care about WE THE PEOPLE so we need to take care of ourselves because they will not.

      You live in Portland, so do I! What part of Southern Oregon are you from? We may have met back in the day. Congratulations to being on the doorstep to retirement, I’m jealous. Have you determined what rural area you want to retire? Checkout the American Redought-Movement. Here is a link that may interest you.

      Have a great day!
      To Prepare=Peace of Mind so Find Your Peace.

      Sharon aka Afrovivalist

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