Earthship 2016

Once again, I made the trek to Earthship Biotecture. In 5 days, I traveled by train to Tacoma, Washington, sat in a Prius packed with 4 other people, we traveled crossed six states to visit and stay at the Greater World Community in New Mexico to learn about the building and functions of an Earthship.


  1. A passive solar home-made of natural and recycled materials.

  2. Thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization.

  3. Renewable energy & integrated water systems make the Earthship an off-grid home with little to no utility bills.

    EARTHSHIP –  Weird name but GREAT concept.


This year Earthship Seattle rented 4 Earthships and one of the first home built-in the community, the Phoenix. The Phoenix is approximately 30 years old and it has an amazing greenhouse.  All of the plants were full-grown and flourishing.  It felt like I was standing in a rain forest. The growing vegetation were pineapple, banana, and grapes along with various herbs, edible flowers and other plants. Seriously, birds were singing and the sound of water flowing from the 2 ponds filled with fish. I even saw a turtle.  These homes are so COOL! The pictures below are from the 2016 visit. 




To Prepare = Peace of Mind

Find Your Peace!



2 thoughts on “Earthship 2016

  1. Rosalyn Scaife

    African American prepper like you here on the West Coast in Portland, Oregon just checking in. Good to see I am not alone. Earth ship is cool, but I don’t feel safe with all of those windows. Thoughts?

    1. afrovivalistafrovivalist Post author

      Hey, Hey Hey! How you doing? It is good to know that you are in the community. Yes, I know how you feel about the windows on the Earthship. But the windows are the greenhouse portion of the home. You could design the home to have an interior wall separating from the living space if you wanted to. There are many things you could do to feel secure.

      Thank you for reaching out. Please stay in touch.


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