A Message From Afrovivalist

I have been asked these two questions so many times, I thought I would place my answer here for everyone to see.


1.  Who is Afrovivalist? 

Afrovivalist, is a African-American who is a survivalist preparing for a catastrophic disaster in an urban and wilderness environment.  In short, I practice outdoor survival skills while preparing to survive a disaster like a solar flare, earthquake or the next economic collapse.


2.  Is this site only for African-Americans?

I am a African-American, therefore, it does not mean that this site is only for African-Americans. The information is meant to be shared among those who happens to stumble upon this website and have a connection.

If you are not my skin color, WHO CARES! This website is for everyone regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status or disability. It was created for you.



2 thoughts on “A Message From Afrovivalist

  1. Heather McCord

    I absolutely LOVE your site and ideas and plans! I am now setting my mind to becoming a minimalist/survivalist! Im american/some native-welch-Scottish but very much wanting what you’re aiming for so I am hoi ng to take you advise and try and persue what you have done

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